What We're Thrifting For Fall Of 2023

 Your personal style should always take precedence over trends - your fashion choices should reflect your individual taste and comfort. But, if you're feeling a little out of the loop, or are wanting ideas for a closet refresh, here's what everyone's hunting down at the thrift shop these days:

1. Skirts - Long and flowing skirts are typically whipped out in the warm weather months, but we're seeing a shift in fashion - pairing chunky sweaters with a maxi skirt and boots. Mini skirts and tights is a classic look, but the shift to long skirts allows for extra layering which is great for all of the perpetually cold girlies out there.


2. Animal Print - Animal prints have been through quite the evolution in the past few decades. Some iterations have been, shall we say, a little cheesy. But we're finding ways to style these prints to look earthy, sophisticated, and sometimes eclectic.

3. Leather - Much like aforementioned animal print, leather has been through its own evolution. Its latest form exudes luxury, instead of the grunge look it's usually associated with. Genuine leather trousers, jackets, and boots are highly sought after in the thrift realm.


4.  Grandpa Sweaters - Bold prints on a thick, oversized vintage sweater- Something your dad would wear to Thanksgiving in the 90's. Everyone's looking for one this season, and for good reason. Quality knits can be hard to come by these days. If you spot a one-of-a-kind sweater at the thrift, think twice before you pass it up.

5. Oversized Jackets - "Drastic" would be a good word to describe a lot of 2023's silhouettes. A lot of looks you see on the street include pieces that are either slick-to-body, or dramatically oversized. We love a roomy wool-blend or denim jacket. Big enough to throw over our thick sweaters, and add some interesting layers to a look. We're all about it.

6. Patterned Fleece Pullovers - An Autumn classic. Brands like Patagonia and Eddie Bauer are known for their great fleeces, but you can't go wrong with any fun patterned fleece you find at the thrift.

7.  Velvet and Corduroy: These fabrics are known for their richness and texture, making them popular choices for fall attire. As with anything, bonus points if they're vintage!

8. Houndstooth - Usually this pattern is associated with winter or Christmastime, but with the Old Money aesthetic on the rise, this classic print is no longer reserved for one season. Houndstooth skirts, trousers, bags and blazers are popular thrift finds this fall.

9. Wool & Cashmere - Look, we take our Autumn activities very seriously, and nothing ruins apple picking or a corn maze faster than freezing cold temps. Wool and cashmere keep the chilly air from running through you. Our eyes are always scanning for these fabrics for when sifting through the racks.

10. Blazers - The working girl aesthetic is big this year, and of course the easiest way to achieve this look is to add a couple of trusty blazers to your closet. We've seen these layered over simple tees, tanks, and even hoodies! Somehow, it always looks chic.

Staying on top of trends is not always budget-friendly, so be sure to dig through your existing closet to see how the pieces in your wardrobe can be reimagined. If you're wanting to add some of these looks to your Autumn outfit lineup, ShopTheJub.com has 25,000+ affordable, pre-loved pieces under to keep you looking posh.

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