What's Trending In Thrifted Fashion

Shopping secondhand has gone from a necessary budget-saving action, to everyone's favorite way to procure a unique closet. As a bonus, it cuts down on waste created by large clothing manufacturers, constantly pushing out new trends and silhouettes. Here's what everyone's hunting down at the thrift shop these days:

Y2K - The Year 2000 is making a comeback in the form of low rise jeans, baby tees, mini bags, and strappy dresses.

While some of us are not ready to see these pieces back on the mannequins, you can't deny that some iterations of these trends from a bygone era are pretty cute. Fast fashion brands are recreating these looks in their 2023 catalogs, but you can shop genuine Y2K pieces too, here

Athleisure - With gym culture on the rise, athleticwear brands have become household names alongside other fashion companies. Somewhere along the line, we realized that functional athleticwear like Nike and Adidas have something in common with loungewear: Comfort is the priority. Whether we're headed to the gym, grocery store, or relaxing at home, brands like AerieFabletics and Mondetta have us all looking top notch. 

Cottagecore - This particular branch of style grew from a desire to disconnect from modern corporate life and pay homage to simpler times. Think tiered prairie dresses, and wool cardigans with wooden buttons. Linens, muslins, puffed sleeves and thick knits are often incorporated with these ensembles as well. Geiger offers great vintage wool pieces, and Universal Threads has some affordable, summery options to achieve this look.



Bold Colors - Much of the fashion and home décor of the new 20's so far can be defined as neutralearthy, muted, and minimal. And while we wholeheartedly agree that this calming palette is much needed in today's world, we find the antithesis of this concept to be intriguing as well; Maximalism. This can look like bright colors, large accessories, and patterns that are hard to miss. Exaggerated silhouettes such as balloon dresses and oversized trench coats repel boredom and make for an interesting response to the minimalism movement.

Vintage everything - With the rise of fast fashion, newer generations are rebelling and buying old-fashioned everything - leather Coach bags, heavy corduroy jackets, durable All-American jeans, silk tops and thick sweaters, even jewelry.

They certainly don't make 'em like they used to, and people are tired of their garments not making it out of the first round in the washer. In an effort to not contribute to landfill waste, and keep a sustainable, one-of-a-kind closet, vintage is flying off the racks.

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