We exist to serve those affected by incarceration by being ambassadors of life change through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Prison Ministry

Jubilee employs 10 Chaplains that provide services in 8 State & County Prisons throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Our Chaplains Lead Through:

Discipleship Training

Staff (Correctional Officer) Counseling

Cell block Visitation & Pre-Release Classes


Jubilee Aftercare offers a structured residential environment that provides opportunities for men to have their hearts and lives transformed through a relationship with Jesus Christ. With Christ at the center, we seek to address the needs of those caught in the cycles of addiction and incarceration. This is a phase-based program; completion is not determined by the amount of time spent in the program, but rather the successful progression through each phase.

We Provide:


Students live together in a community setting, learning to build healthy relationships and developing basic life skills.


Aftercare students receive on-the-job work experience in Jubilee’s Thrift store operations.

Life Skills Training

Daily rhythms include devotions, budgeting classes, mentoring, and addiction recovery meetings.

100% of all financial donations directly support Jubilee's Ministry Programs.

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